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Prometheus Lens: 12/05/17-12/12/17 | In Memoriam

Dearly beloved gamers, we are gathered here today to pay our respects to a fallen friend. It saddens my heart and soul to see a good Exotic weapon fall victim to ANDS (Aquired Nerf Deficiency Syndrome). Yesterday one such Exotic lost their battle with that very debilitating disease. It was a powerful Exotic, some would even say it was “OP”. I’d say that it was “fun”. About the most fun that I’ve had with an Exotic in a very long time. That Exotic’s name was Prometheus Lens.

Your creators (Bungie) said that you were broken. I’d say that you were intact. Perfectly even. Perfectly intact. Your light burned bright and all too fast. It burned so bright that my enemies and friendly opponents would go through spontaneous combustion in your presence. You were taken from us far too quickly.

It’s so hard to say goodbye to a good Exotic

Let us all have a moment of silence, and watch this memoriam dedication video that I put together in honor of our fallen weapon. May Prometheus Lens go on to the great beyond, joining our other fallen Exotics: Hawkmoon, Thorn, The Last Word, Suros Regime, Ice Breaker, Vex Mythoclast (this list is kinda long), and the GOAT Exotic of them all: Gjallarhorn. All were nerfed way before their time.


Nerf In Peace Prometheus Lens...N.I.P.

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